Some homes have long, dark hallways that connect sections of the house, but the architects didn’t put a lot of thought into the lighting or the use of the space. Here are some tips and tricks for making the hallway brighter and incorporating it into your home’s design.

Use light colors

White or another light color is the best paint choice for a dark hallway. That’s not to say you can’t embrace the darkness and go with a darker tone, but if your goal is light, be sure to use a color the natural light will reflect off in order to illuminate the space.

Paint the doors

If there are wooden doors in the hallway, paint those too. By painting doors a light color, you open up and brighten the space.

Install French doors

If painting the doors isn’t an option, maybe replacing them is a better choice. Unless the room requires privacy, using French doors that will allow light from the exterior windows into the hallway is a great way to increase brightness.

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light. Placing mirrors rather than artwork in your hallway can trick the eye and increase the sunniness of the space. Position them to reflect light from nearby rooms.

Keep it clutter-free

The last tip for keeping your hallway bright is to make sure it’s free from clutter. Don’t include large furniture pieces or use them for storage. The more open your hallway is, the brighter it will appear.



Source: HomeActions


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